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Future Engineers 3D Design Challenge “Name That Molecule”

Choose and four Monday or Wednesday evenings 
in May or June to work with a coach and prepare your challenge entry.

Brush up on (or start to learn) 3D design skills. Work with our mentors and create an entry for the Future Engineers contest.   Create a digital 3D model of a molecule that you see or interact with every day. We will help you submit your 3D model, an image of your entry, and a text explanation of your molecule including its molecular composition, properties, and/or relevance in our world.  Cost is $90 for four evening pass to either Monday or Wednesday evenings at the STEM Leadership Center. Open to grades 6 to 10.

Questions: Dr. Ellen Cavanaugh at 724-266-1498 or drellen@growageneration

Register online at:

Mondays or Wednesdays in May and June
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the STEM Leadership Center at Baden Academy