Current Odyssey Fellowships

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Odyssey Fellowship Pathway
One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

Elise and Jamison are at the beginning of their investigations into robotics engineers who are working to solve problems inherent in four-legged robots (balance, strength, resilience, sensory function, and adaptability). They want to discover if solutions informed by biomimicry of mammalian quadrupeds would be better. This involves a studying the evolution, biology, and physics of how horses, dogs, and other four-legged creatures (like flying squirrels!) legs, hooves, and centers of balance operate. 

Bridge Builders of Tomorrow

As future bridge builders of tomorrow, Charlie and Mohammed are concerned about the increasing number of dangerous bridges in our country and even close to home in our county.  Their goal is to find ways to repair existing deteriorating bridges and build sustainable bridges with new materials and technologies which are economically feasible.

Do you have a fellowship idea?

If you have a child, grades 6-10, who seeks to bring a meaningful project to fruition, please set up a time to talk to us at the STEM Leadership Center. We are open Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6 pm to 8 pm at Baden Academy. Register for a free orientation and tour!