Odyssey Fellowship

An Odyssey Fellowship is an opportunity for your child to dedicate time each week to move through an odyssey into the cutting edge science and technology solutions that are being used to respond to today’s most pressing problems.  Fellows partner with mentors from around the globe and venture deep into a topic that resonates with them and fuels their motivation.

Research often fines an outlet in science fairs, engineering competitions, or maker faires.  As fellows gain expertise and talk with experts, many fellows go on to publish books, mobile apps, and YouTube videos to leave a legacy worthy of college scholarships and internship applications.

In addition to pursuing their passion based project, we work with all fellows to identify computer programming and math pathways they need and provide them with the ability to work toward mastery.  The practice of rigorous problems solving alongside the pursuit of meaningful projects makes our program unique. We seek for each of our fellows to learn the import21st-century skills of innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, resilience, emotional intelligence, leadership, and vision.

Some Fellowships Produce Books from their partnerships with mentors…

Some Fellowships Produce Games and Apps from their partnerships with mentors….

Some Fellowships enter competitions

+ Verizon Innovative Mobile App: Best in Nation
+ Future City Competition: Best Use of Nuclear Science
+ Pittsburgh Science and Engineering Fair: Numerous Awards
+ Real World Design Challenge
+ NASA Design Challenge
+ I5 Digital Challenge
+ Games for Change Competitions
+ Future Engineers Two for the Crew
+ Future Engineers

All Fellowships make meaningful projects possible in technology and science by partnering curious students with leading professionals and academics.

Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion turns career guidance on its head. Most “interest inventories” and “career tests” take into account a variety of personality traits and tell you the job that a lot of people with your same traits work in. A lot of us walk away uninspired, feeling misunderstood, or cemented into a future we are not passionate about.

Rather than basing a 20th century career recommendation on your personality score, we help you look for real problems in the world that need you to help solve them. Come with us to identify a major problem, challenge, and opportunity that faces our 21st century world. Many of these don’t even pop up on your radar until you are heading into graduate school.

Come find your passion!